Bitcoin News– Using internet and search engines to find information, has become a part of the daily activity of people, all around the world. Now, SearchTrade, a new start-up, has come up with the innovative idea of rewarding the users, who use the search engines which come under their base. The surfers, will earn in satoshis, as they search.( 10,000,000 satoshis make up a bitcoin )
To add a professional touch, the users will be able buy keywords. By doing this, they get an opportunity to earn more bitcoins, when other people use that keyword in their search. SearchTrade would also provide a common platform to by and sell the keywords, in open market. Even before the actual sale activity has started, SearchTrade has been able to sell around 400 keywords. Commonly used and currently trending words like ‘from’, ‘when’ , ‘college’ , ‘what’ have already been sold at whopping prices. The live market prices of each bitcoin is around 14,000 to 15,000 INR.
The CEO of SearchTrade, Vishal Gupta, firmly states that internet search is the most commonly used activity. Everyone uses it, on a daily basis and also at very frequent intervals. So, there is more finance and money flowing in search engines, compared to other social media sites. SearchTrade is built to share these resources, even to the benefit of the users.
He also extends his statements, to explain how exactly the idea works. All the money collected through the keyword sales, through ad agencies and also renewal of keywords , would be pooled together. This, will be used to pay the people using the search engines, in satoshis. As the base widens and the number of people using the service increases, the pooling and distribution will expand. Also, around 25 % of the pooled income, would be reserved and only the rest is redistributed. This would ensure that the activity would carry out throughout the year, benefiting both the company, as well as the user. Thus, the average pay out would be calculated on a daily basis.
The start-up is expected to be launched soon and the resources collected in before the actual sale would be pooled into the common platform, comprising of the users, the keyword owners, the shareholders and the company as well. The CEO hopes to take off the idea as soon as possible.
Another interesting thing about SearchTrade, is the involvement of the app developers. Vishal Gupta, openly invites the app developers to develop apps, through which the search activity of the users and the search engines under the companies base, are integrated. Hundreds of different apps are expected to be built to suit the needs. Vishal Gupta, also promises to add a variety of search engines under their base such that it does not inconvenience the user activities and preferences. The app developers enjoy further benefits, as they will be paid for every user, who uses their app to search, irrespective of whether they are registered under SearchTrade or not. Further, there is also a limit to the number of searches, per user, per day.
This is the trending bitcoins news of the day, expected to raise attention in the coming days.

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