Vishal Gupta is the co-founder and CEO of, a disruptive search platform which allows its users to ‘own’ keywords and earn in Bitcoins while they search on the internet. Vishal aims to bring about a paradigm shift in the way people interact and share information on internet. He sees great potential in Crypto Currencies and Blockchain as an alternative to the current system and believes in the opportunities that it can bring to the internet economy. He also holds a patent in Computer Implemented Methods and System for Trading Keyword(s) in a Search Network.It was in the spring of 2012 that Vishal discovered the fascinating world of Crypto Currencies.
“What crypto currency did is something interesting. It helped me contextualize my life, it opened new semantics for many a business idea. I could now connect dots and see the common strand of all the ventures  I did earlier”
All along playing with the idea of creating virtual commodity he was fascinated by the idea that something could be created out of nothing as long as you kept in mind the fundamental thesis and math behind things. Further experiments and understanding of the monetary system and its fascination led Vishal to the creation of SearchTrade. This came while he pushed himself to create a virtual real estate with a template based on his understanding of Blockchain’s and Bitcoin’s systemic competence for the world of tomorrow.
However, the predicament he discovered in the Bitcoin system was that the value was derived out of demand and supply, there was no fundamental consumption based requirement. It was more utility based. It had no interaction with the physical world but still was identified as value. It was after some weeks of observation and during a routine Google search that it struck Vishal how Google itself was the answer to

the problem. He realised that every query was a search, and he was looking at the Google ad word program, at how it functions, and how it goes correct in the scheme of things.
“Sometimes the answer to the most complex problems is right in front of you, you just need to be able to realize it”, he says. ” Smaller problems have bigger solutions and bigger problems have smaller solutions”.
Prior to SearchTrade, Vishal co-founded Bitcoin Alliance India in 2014 – a non-profit organization, encouraging the Indian market towards bitcoins and related services. Today BAI engages with various law firms and government departments to help them understand Bitcoin or Crypto currencies in order to help them come up or frame laws to legitimize use of bitcoins in India.
In 2009 Vishal founded Moving Trumpet Communications Pvt Ltd, an OOH advertising company in Mumbai, where he offered the service of taxi exterior advertising across India. A first in the industry. He also built India’s’ first ‘in taxi’ entertainment system with fleets like Mega Cabs and Meru Cabs. He believes that advertising is a competitive business and innovation is the only way to stay relevant.
Vishal’s first step towards entrepreneurship was with “Cybisys Solutions”, which he established in his graduation years where he worked in coordination with his team of forty-five people focussed on developing custom applications and provided consultation on sales, inventory management and marketing initiatives.
A passionate humanist at heart, Tech enabled economic empowerment and poverty alleviation are causes which are close to him.